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Features of Advisor's Ally- Room To Grow

Advisor's Ally Software- CRM, Practice Management and Portfolio Reporting

Advisor's Ally software was designed as a program with multiple layers of functionality into which a team can grow as demands increase with years of experience and expanding business sophistication. Advisor's  Ally is an inexpensive product that can provide CRM, team management, marketing support and reporting capability to improve practice management and efficiency.

Organize the details with Advisor's Ally CRM.

Base Level Features

Base level features are classic CRM functions, perfect for jumping right in for those basic database needs.

  • Track clients, prospects, and leads

  • Monthly, weekly and daily activities calendars

  • Built-in word processor and notepads

  • Posting Book and cross reference

  • User Defined Fields and Interest categories; so you can customize

  • Campaign List for target marketing

  • Print and Mail reports

  • Help System & Financial terms Glossary

Marketing Features Included

Includes ASCII/CSV data loading utility for the more robust needs of advisors wanting to have special prospect databases. Especially helpful for team marketing and their assistants.

  • ASCII/CSV data Loader - Data and lead list downloading in ASCII/CSV comma delimited format

  • Sales Planner System - Initiate and track multiple sales activities for clients and prospects

  • Built in Prospecting & Client Letters - Over 20 professional sales letters at your fingertips

  • Exporting Reports into different formats, Internet, e-mail, Word, Excel, Lotus, WordPerfect etc.

Portfolio Holdings Features

Portfolio holdings features are there if needed; can be used or not. Advisor's Ally includes a complete set of functions for posting books, showing holdings and keeping reminders. Designed for the more demanding needs of advisors with large and diverse portfolios, financial planners and money managers.

  • Automated Securities Pricing Import Capability

  • Extensive Advisor and Client Reporting

    • Portfolio Valuation Reports - Summary and Detail

    • Portfolio Size Ranking

    • Largest Positions in Rank Order

    • Transition Detail Reporting

  • Customize Asset Classes and Print Allocation Reports

  • Create and Customize Security Types

  • Campaign Planner for Maturing Investments

Network Versions - $300 more per additional user

The Network versions provide all the features of single user software with the added benefit of having multiple users and a very affordable price.


The pricing of Advisor’s Ally CD and service is based on a fee-based model to best align with the needs of our advisor clients for their cash flow management and expense reduction, as follows:

Advisor’s Ally License and Support Services pricing

  • 1-5 person office: $500 per quarter.

  • 6-10 person office: $1000 per quarter.

  • 11-15 person office: $1500 per quarter.

  • 16-30 person office: $2000 per quarter.

  • 30 and above in single office: $3000 per quarter.


This quarterly fee includes access to all newest software releases, quarterly training from your relationship manager, and access to help desk technicians on an as-needed basis.

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