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Independent Software Review- A Top Rated 4 Star Product

Advisor's Ally is built for your team. To learn more, read this independent review in Wealth Management Newsletter.

Bottom Line

Advisor’s Ally provides compact and convenient practice management software for fee-based advisors with all client data and client activities at your fingertips.  

Trusts & Estates magazine is pleased to present the monthly Technology Review by Donald H. Kelley—a respected connoisseur of the software and Internet resources wealth management advisors use to further their practices.

Brian A., Nestlerode & Loy Advisors

“We have used Advisor’s Ally for years and enjoy the way it helps us keep track of our client’s investment objectives, risk tolerance and tax aspects. Advisor’s Ally helps our entire team maintain the excellent level of service for which our firm has become known.”

Michael Grinnel, Senior Investment Advisor, Raymond James, Stuart, FL

"My life is wrapped around Ally CRM software. I was very pleased that the Quick Start Guide that came with the upgrade helped the installation go flawlessly, it worked like a charm. I have a boat in the Mediterranean that I go to each year; without Broker's Ally I would never be able to go. I LOVE BROKER'S ALLY!" 

John Kimber, Financial Advisor since 1979

"Ally CRM software starts and ends my day. Clients hear from me when they should, I avoid contradictions, I get compliments for reliability, and people are impressed by my amazing recall from 1994 (when I first started using Broker's Ally). The capital value of our business entity has been vastly improved because Broker's Ally fosters consistent business processes. And, it has helped me to dodge the bullets when the inevitable firm mergers occur." 

Mark Gardner, Managing Director, Dallas, Private Client Services Group

"I've installed the new Broker's Ally version 9 and it's bigger and a lot easier to read. I really appreciated all the help and support! This will make my business more efficient and productive." 

Jim Scherrer, CEO, Scherrer Resources, Inc., Designers, Developers and Distributors of Broker's Ally Software

"Advisor's Ally has made the business of being an advisor more enjoyable than ever. Day after day, Advisor's Ally delivers up valuable relationship data. Accurate information available instantly is what you expect from Advisor's Ally. With Advisor's Ally CRM you get the most out of your day, and your clients get "wow" service." 

Pershing LLC, An Affiliate of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation

Pershing LLC has renewed its marketing alliance with Scherrer's Ally CRM Platform.

Each company works together to provide Scherrer's Advisor's Ally Pro CRM and SFA platform to its introducing brokers and advisors. This licensing, marketing, and technical transfer agreement involves the two companies' brokerage technology products. A customized version of Scherrer Resources' popular client-server-based Advisor's Ally CRM software is offered to customers of Pershing.

Thomson Reuters, the leading source of intelligent information for business

Thomson Reuters has renewed its marketing alliance with Scherrer's Ally CRM Technology.

Thomson Reuters professionals and Scherrer Resources, Inc. have renewed their marketing alliance where each company works together to provide Scherrer's Advisor's Ally CRM and SFA technology to its mutual clients who are investment advisors. This licensing, marketing, and technical transfer agreement involves the two companies' platform products. Scherrer Resources' popular Advisor's Ally CRM software product is offered to customers of Thomson Reuters.

About Scherrer Resources, Inc.

From ADP to Ziegler, Scherrer Resources, Inc. provides its Ally CRM software solutions to more than 500 of the world's leading institutions, including many of today's most influential and innovative organizations. Not surprisingly, our clients have recognized our award winning application software and e-services as a strategic component of their overall business strategy -- and have turned to Scherrer Resources, Inc. to help them deploy high-profile client management offerings. Our customer-base looks to Scherrer's proven solutions as a means to:

  • Strengthen relationships with their most valued customers;

  • Generate additional revenue opportunities; and

  • Gain competitive advantage in today's fierce and fast-moving investment market.

Representative Clients: Morgan Stanley, First Allied/Advanced Equities, Hilliard Lyons Securities, Crowell, Weedon & Co., GunnAllen Financial, JP Morgan Investments, SunTrust Securities, Inc.,JB Hanauer & Company,Waterhouse Securities,Stifel Nicolaus,Investor's Capital Corp.,Chase Manhattan Investments,Tier One Bank,CompuLife Investor Services,Conestoga Capital,M&I Bank,D.A. Davidson & Company,First National Investment Services,,Financial Service Corporation (FSC),Mellon Dreyfus Investment Services, Kirkpatrick Pettis, Smith, Polan, Inc., First Montauk Securities, Invest Financial Corporation, First Bank, U.S. Bancorp Investments, Nestlerode & Loy Investment Services, Norwest Investment Services, Inc., Crestar Securities, United Missouri Bank, UMB, N.A., Jefferson National Bank, Mark Twain Brokerage, Brenton Brokerage, Mechanics Investment Services, National Penn Bank, First of America Bank, BancOne Capital Corporation, Hibernia Bank, Davenport, Interactive Data Corporation- IDC, Corporate Securities Group, U.S. Bancorp Investments, Union Planters Bank, Chatfield Dean, Commercial Federal, B.C. Ziegler

Representative Partners: Beta Systems, Inc./Thomson Financial,, CheckFree Investment Services, Fiserv Securities, Inc., Pershing, LLC of Bank of New York, U.S. Clearing Corporation, First Clearing, Wachovia, ADP Brokerage Information Systems, Financial Times- Interactive Data (FT-ID), Caesar System, Financial Database Solutions, IBM, Computers Systems Division, Tektronix Printer Division, Xerox, Herrera's CSSI Advent Axys Report Integration, Major Technology Resources, Inc., Financial Investment Network, FIN


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